Few Factors That Influence The Cost Of Hiring An Online Virtual Assistant


Few Factors That Influence The Cost Of Hiring An Online Virtual Assistant

Few Factors That Influence The Cost Of Hiring An Online Virtual Assistant:- An online virtual assistant charges varied costs depending upon various factors. However, if you are looking for experienced and impeccable talents, then you need to shell out some considerable amount for their services.

People generally prefer to outsource eCommerce virtual assistants from countries that have low labor costs, to minimize the cost. All you need is to discover the best virtual assistants for your online store that fits your budget.

Is there any ideal price for hiring an online virtual assistant? Well, virtual assistants mainly are of two types, one that works part-time and the one who works full-time and has an extreme level of proficiency. As a result, while you may be able to hire them at a lower price, you should not expect them to work at a high level of efficiency. Of course, there are always exceptions!

Professional eCommerce services provider divides service pricing of virtual assistant for online store into three categories to help you save money and time. These are the following:

Hourly rate

More than half of the online virtual assistants prefer to charge by the hour. They usually figure up an hourly wage after figuring out the number of hours they plan to devote. This way you can pay only for the hours a virtual assistant has spent and can limit the hours to cut the cost.

Cost per project

If you only need assistance with one project in your e-commerce business, you can hire a virtual assistant for that. There is no need to hire him on a long-term basis; simply pay a one-time charge and get your task done!

Cost of a Contract

This price model enables virtual assistants to maintain a consistent schedule. In this situation, the client will sign a contract agreement with the virtual assistant, agreeing to pay for, say, 20 hours per month in advance. In this case, the rate for a virtual assistant for an online store will be a bit higher as compared to an hourly rate.

Factors that Determines the Cost of an online Virtual Assistant


A seasoned e-commerce virtual assistant will always be more expensive than a newbie. You may believe that hiring an inexperienced e-commerce virtual assistant will save you money because you will be paying him/her less. However, an untrained virtual assistant would cost you significantly more per hour.

Nature of assistance

The cost of hiring a virtual assistant can vary depending on the amount of time spent on it and the risk involved in the work to be done. The more difficult the task, the more you will have to pay for an online virtual assistant.


It is true that if you hire an e-commerce virtual assistant for a long period, you will be charged less than if you hire someone for a one-time project. As a result, the less frequently you pay an e-commerce virtual assistant, the greater the cost.

Project’s Due Date

If your project has a deadline, you will have to pay a higher fee to the e-commerce virtual assistant you hire. If your e-commerce project requires you to work with the virtual assistant on a long-term basis, he or she may be willing to work for you for less, even if you have urgent needs. It all comes down to trust and reputation when it comes to hiring e-commerce virtual assistants at a fair price.

Final Thoughts

Hiring virtual assistants for an online store is one of the most important things you can take to keep your e-commerce business functioning smoothly. Online virtual assistants are your actual saviors because you can’t expect your staff to work at the office every day during this difficult moment when social separation is the key to safety. When adding effective virtual assistants to your team, keep in mind that you don’t want to break the bank to pay for them.


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