What is included in the health check?

What is included in the health check?

What is included in the health check?

What is included in the health check?: Have you heard the word health checkup? A health checkup is a procedure that involves checking your health for any disease or health complications. As the name suggests, it acts as a screening to detect the disease before symptoms appear. Nowadays, health check-ups are considered as a very important tool to help reduce the workload of health professionals by detecting the disease early. So, what is involved in a health check? Here, we will discuss each step involved in the process and we will go through them in detail.

1. Consulting

If you are interested in getting yourself tested, all you need to do is book an appointment with your doctor. Once your appointment is booked, all you have to do is appear in person on the day of your appointment. The first thing your doctor will do is called a consultation. During the consultation, your doctor will ask some questions about your health such as your medical history, medicine, social life, if you have an illness and your family history. Based on this information from the consultation, your doctor will determine if you have a disease or if you are a healthy person.

2. Physical examination

When you go for a health checkup, a physical checkup is a must. The purpose of this test is to detect any abnormalities that can be experienced through physical examination. In this process, your doctor will start with the parts of your body that you think are most appropriate for your initial diagnosis. If necessary, he or she will also need to examine other parts of the body, including your chest, abdomen, back, eyes, and your arms and legs. Doing these physical examinations on your body will give your doctor a glimpse of their initial diagnosis.

3. Lab tests

Your doctor will need to perform some laboratory tests, if necessary, to verify their initial diagnosis and confirm whether it is a correct diagnosis. To perform a laboratory test, the responsible scientist will need the first sample. These samples will need to be taken from your body and usually include your body fluids, blood, hair or saliva. In some cases, you may need to urinate or have any physical secretions. This procedure is necessary to know and confirm your initial diagnosis. Those samples will give them a lot of information about your current situation.

For example, even blood samples alone can give a lot of information about your thyroid, blood, kidneys, heart, and other organs. Therefore, this is the reason why it is considered as one of the most important aspects during health check up. However, if your doctor thinks you are healthy and does not need any tests, you can skip this part.

4. The result

After the screening process, the result was to wait. As mentioned earlier, if your doctor thinks you are healthy, you can go back without having to come back. Apart from this you can also go back home early. In some cases that require laboratory testing, the result will depend on the time it takes the laboratory to process your sample. Some simple checks will only take a few minutes to complete. In some cases, some tests may take a few days to complete. Usually in this case, your doctor will call you after the results come out. Based on your results, the doctor will discuss what to do next. You do not have to worry if your health is good. But if you have a disease, intervention is needed.

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