What area wheelchair and scooter lift?

What area wheelchair and scooter lift?

What are a wheelchair and scooter lift?

What are a wheelchair and scooter lift?: Scooters and wheelchair lifters are devices that lift your electric mobility device or mobility scooter into the back of your car, usually using a basic remote control. Electric wheelchairs, as well as scooters, can be incredibly heavy and difficult to lift directly behind your vehicle, even if you have someone to help you. In case you intend to travel alone, it is impossible to transport your wheelchair or mobility scooter without a lift. If you are not able to walk at all, plus you need to stay in your wheelchair at all times, lifts are readily available that can move the wheelchair and the customer to the back of the vehicle.

Why should you take an automobile lift?

Although automobile lifts for power mobility scooters and equipment can be expensive, they offer many advantages that make them a profitable financial investment. These are some of the main reasons why you need to get a handicap vehicle lift.

Increased freedom

A standard electric wheelchair can travel an average of ten miles on a full charge. Advanced designs may be able to cover a range of 20 miles; However, it still limits you as to where you can go. A portable vehicle lift gives you the freedom to use a vehicle to go anywhere. They offer additional independence to wheelchair users who can drive using specialist automobile controls yet rely on relatives or carers to get them behind the wheel. Using wheelchair or scooter vehicle lifts means that you can enter the vehicle and carry your mobility equipment directly behind you without any demands on you.

Safety and security

Lifting a handheld device in the back of a vehicle can be harmful, especially if you use a heavy electric scooter or wheelchair. Automobile lifts are safe to use for both a person in a wheelchair and a person getting in and out of the vehicle.

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