Wedding planning: Critical checklist and timeline

Wedding planning: Critical checklist and timeline

Wedding planning: Critical checklist and timeline

Wedding planning: Critical checklist and timeline: So, you are not engaged and ready to get married. Once you set a date, you have a lot to do in the days to come. This is where you need to find different things about wedding planning. Here are some key checklists and timelines for wedding planning: Take a look at:

Set Your Budget –

This is the time when we do the math and crush into a lot of non-fun numbers. Before you plan to do anything, you need to check the bottom line wedding. From there, you are ready to break the budget, you need to check what is your priority? Once you have defined the budget you will start managing the funds accordingly. You can then come up with a spreadsheet that allocates funds for the chief against each other.

Creating a guest list –

One of the most important aspects of wedding planning is creating a proper guest list. With the coveted restrictions still in place, a limited number of crowds are likely to be invited to the wedding. In fact, when you determine the number of employees, you have to check the budget first and then allocate it according to the guest list. The formula that comes with inviting 70 percent and then allocating the remaining 30 percent to other matters. This is how the organizers in Mumbai work.

Hire a Wedding Planner –

The best thing you can do is hire a competent wedding planner. There are many organizers in Mumbai who can help you do everything in the best possible way. If your budget for the wedding allows you to appoint a competent organizer, you can easily hire anyone. The organizer is an experienced professional who is competent enough to deal with all aspects of wedding planning. They will help you make the best decision by choosing the right location and then track all your budget and then managing the individual logistics for it.

Decide on formality and overall theme –

Now, it’s time to find another reason to settle down and have a frank conversation with your people and the person planning the wedding. The decisions you make should be reciprocated by the guest of honor. To keep the ball rolling for conversation, you need to take it with a cup of tea. You have to check the place and start deciding the topic for it.

Choose a location –

Now, you know who you are marrying and with whom. Now, you have the best thing to do or rather the most important decision that comes in the form of choosing the right decision. Make a list of possible places and then go through them one by one so that you have a clear idea about them.


This way, you can see that hiring wedding planners can improve your wedding planning. So what are you waiting for!

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