The best new gadgets for cycling

The best new gadgets for cycling

The best new gadgets for cycling

The best new gadgets for cycling: While there’s a lot to be said for the classic look of a simple, unadorned bicycle, it’s also tempting to outfit your ride with some well-placed gadgets. The right accessories for your electric fat tire beach cruiser can make it the envy of the neighborhood. The possibilities are almost endless. The best accessories don’t just make your bike look better, they also add something extra in the form of safety, performance, convenience or fun. A new bell on your handlebars can alert pedestrians and bikers of your presence. A handlebar mirror is an easy way to see what’s behind you. Lights increase your visibility on the road or bike path, and locks add some security whenever you’re away from your bike. Baskets come in all shapes, sizes and colors and enable you to carry everything from your lunch to your laptop with you. Choosing the right gadgets for your bicycle is an inexpensive way to improve your bike.

Make your next bike electric

While you’re in the process of upgrading your biking prospects, maybe it’s time to go electric. Electric bikes are all the rage, and for good reason. They provide a healthy way to get outside and get your heart rate up, but they also give you energy when you need it most. Electric bicycles come with the following features and benefits:

  • Choice of 250 or 500 watt motors
  • Selection of models
  • Straight handlebar and ergonomic design
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Three modes of travel: pedal, pedal-assist or electric
  • A range of over twenty miles

The motor turns on when you twist the throttle on the handlebar to engage the motor. The transition is easy and you are in control. In some models, the motor is activated when a threshold of pedal resistance is achieved. Now you can climb that big hill you’ve always wanted to summit, and you can even avoid dreading the last few miles of a long ride. When you’re tired, let the motor do the rest.

Make your next bike the perfect fit

For many riders, finding a bike that fits your frame can be a challenge. Those who don’t fit the average rider’s size and weight can rest assured that the right bike is available. Whether you are short, tall, heavy or thin, there is a bike for you. The best e-bikes for heavy riders fit frames over six feet tall and 250 pounds. It all starts with a frame that is made to your size. From there a number of smart tweaks can result in the best seat and seat height for you, the right handlebar and the right tires. A proper fit reduces knee and back pain and also allows you to pedal more efficiently. When your bike is shipped to you, you can consider professional assembly at your nearest bike shop. Shop online today to find the best bike for the rest of your life.

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