Thailand is the third largest medical tourism destination in the world

Thailand is the third largest medical tourism destination in the world

Thailand is the third largest medical tourism destination in the world

Thailand is the third largest medical tourism destination in the world: In the process of shaking off its online reputation for affordable back-alley cosmetic surgery, Thailand is quickly overtaking South Korea as the world’s leading destination for plastic surgery and treatment. The occupancy of 64 JCI-accredited clinical centers is 3 times that of Singapore and 6 times that of Malaysia. JCI is a worldwide market requirement in medical care, where centers are benchmarked with United States requirements and technologies. In a vastly overgrown market, it is difficult to truly assess the dimensions of the global medical tourism market and the Thai market. According to TAT, 9% of Thailand’s 35 million annual visitors are ‘medical tourists’, but it is believed that this number does not account for tourists who visit a medical center throughout their stay. And don’t ignore it. Many leave or are deported.

A more realistic assessment by the International Medical Travel Journal recommends that the international market is worth $13 billion, with Thailand the joint third largest recipient, taking in $600 million a year.

What is medical tourism anyway and why is Thailand so popular? A medical tourist is loosely defined as someone who travels to another country with the primary function of performing some type of clinical, aesthetic or oral treatment. Typical treatment types include cosmetic surgery, oral treatments, tertiary health care and fertility treatments.

It is estimated that Thailand receives 350,000 specialized medical tourists annually, investing approximately $1,700,000 in medical facilities and facilities across the country, with Bangkok receiving the bulk of this cash. South Korea is still making an impression, though, for how long?

Darren Lyons of MyMediTravel, a Singapore-based medical tourism information and referral system (in stark contrast to the ‘’ of medical tourism worldwide), points out that 50 percent of his demand is for beauty treatments in Thailand.

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“We deal with medical facilities and centers in 43 countries around the world and yet 48% of all inquiries are for Thai centers, most of which are beauty treatments. Breast augmentation treatments are certainly the most common in Thailand, although there are many other ‘modern-day’ treatments. , e.g. great sculpting, Brazilian butt lift and labiaplasty.” We asked Darren. Why he believes Thailand is such a top choice for medical tourists: “Reputation. Thailand has spent a lot over the past 20 years, it currently benefits from more than 60 gold standard centers and many small-scale but prestigious facilities. Many years of experience A number of experts are also educated around the world.

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