Symptoms and Treatment Tennis Elbow

Symptoms and Treatment Tennis Elbow

Symptoms and Treatment Tennis Elbow

Symptoms and Treatment Tennis Elbow: The human body is a magnificent machine designed for normal use, not overuse. The most common causes of injuries in non-contact sports are repetition and stress. These athletes must serve, swing, or follow numerous pitch opportunities during training and on game day. And since the muscle groups they rely on are relatively small, most specialties lead to overuse injuries during their careers.

Colloquially known as tennis elbow Singapore treatment, lateral epicondylitis caused by overuse of the forearm and hand muscles can and often does lead to chronic elbow pain. Pain is caused by a subtle or acute injury to the outer part of the elbow or olecranon. Usually, it affects the place where the tendons and muscles of the forearm attach to the bony part of the elbow.

What are the symptoms?

Tennis elbow almost always affects a person’s dominant hand. For example, a right-handed golfer is more likely to have pain in his right hand. The pain usually develops gradually and then spreads to the outside of the elbow.

How to deal with it

As with overuse injuries, the only way to effectively reduce swelling and pain is to avoid activities that cause discomfort. Ice can and should be applied to the affected area, especially if it is painful or tender. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen, is also an effective treatment for tennis elbow Singapore. In severe or chronic cases, a cortisone-type injection may be the key to tennis elbow treatment.

After the accident

As we mentioned, the only way to reduce or even eliminate the pain associated with tennis elbow is to fracture the affected joint. After the elbow has healed, stretching and strength exercises and tennis elbow treatment Singapore can help build the joints and muscles around the affected area. Any activity that leads to discomfort should be stopped until the tendinitis is treated.

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