How to introduce pepper jelly to your family and friends?

How to introduce pepper jelly to your family and friends?

How to introduce pepper jelly to your family and friends?

How to introduce pepper jelly to your family and friends?: We understand. It’s hard to share your interests with the people in your life. Getting your friends and family to share in your unconventional meals may take a lot of convincing.

While there are easy ways to introduce your loved ones to your passion for pepper jelly, leave them with an equally lasting obsession. Some methods will be different than others, but all are effective and get your loved ones within your meal limits.

Here are the steps you should take to get your friends and family interested in pepper jelly.

Add it as a side

Sometimes the mere choice to try something is what drives people to try it. Giving your guests a pepper jelly dip to use with their wings or serving fish will increase the chances of many of them trying it.

Have a tray of sauces and dips, and people are sure to experiment to find one that matches their taste. This works especially well if the other dips and sauces you’re serving are also new and interesting. In many cases, offering pepper jelly as a substitute is all it takes to attract people.

Put it in the main meal

Let’s say your guests are a little more skeptical. Before they can give pepper jelly a good shot they have to taste it for themselves. Assuming you know your guests’ dietary restrictions, and if you’re cooking for them at all, adding flavor to a serving of chicken, fish or pork is a must to embrace the taste. There will be a pressure. pepper jelly

It may sound a little creepy, but once they cross the threshold, your guests will love their favorite jelly as much as you do.

Go shopping together

Have you ever felt like you found your next culinary passion while shopping? Imagine creating that feeling inside someone else. Here’s another easy way to indulge your loved ones in pepper jelly. Just go to the store with them.

Talking about food when you’re not eating can be awkward; However, it can be difficult to make the subject feel natural. Not so when shopping, so if you want your friends and family to discover what you love about pepper jelly, go and do some shopping with them.

cook with

If your friends and family are chefs like you, a great way to introduce them to your passion is to show them how you make it. Show them the difference between mango jelly and habanero jelly by using them in different recipes.

Cooking is already a great way to bond with the people you care about, so why not turn it into a learning experience for all of you? Share cooking tips, get down and dirty in the kitchen, and most importantly, share recipes that will put your new love chili jelly to the test.

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