Household essentials that can be smart

Household essentials that can be smart

Household essentials that can be smart

Household essentials that can be smart: With most people staying at home and scrolling through social media apps like TikTok and Instagram, users are showing interest in products like smart lights and voice assistants, as advertised on these social media platforms. There is a whole range of smart home products – from smart cameras, smart sprinklers to smart alarms and now even smart blinds!

Here are some smart home devices that might pique your interest. Which can make basic household essentials smart.

Smart Light

Smart lighting isn’t just limited to color-changing bulbs, but smart lighting comes in the form of floodlights, light strips, lamps, and more! Color-changing smart light strips are smart devices that have gained a lot of popularity from social media apps, namely TikTok.

Smart lights can be easily controlled through their respective mobile apps as well as voice commands through your smart speaker. If you are still new to the whole smart home market and don’t have a smart speaker in your home, you can also easily control it through the voice assistant on your smartphone. This means whether you’re away from home or in a separate room, you can control your smart lights at your fingertips via a smartphone app. It basically leaves no room for any negligence and allows users to save on energy bills as well.

The advantage of smart lighting is that it can be connected to various devices to work accordingly. For example, when using a Google Nest camera, users can sync their smart bulb or smart floodlight as soon as the camera detects any movement in the vicinity.

Smart blind

You read that right! Smart blinds are also available in the market among the wide range of smart home devices you can get.

Using a simple voice command or remote control to open and close your blinds is no longer something we can only imagine! Smart blinds come with voice control, app control and remote control functionality (or all three) depending on which one you buy.

Since they are smart, voice and remote control functionality is not the only selling point for them. Smart blinds also have the added ability to automatically raise or lower according to a schedule that can be set by the user. Additionally, if you install UV sensors in your smart blinds, they’ll turn themselves up or down when the light in your home reaches a certain level – perfect for those hot summer afternoons.

Smart blinds are relatively easy to install. They can be easily mounted on regular window frames. However some blinds may require batteries while others come with a rechargeable battery pack.

How to make your existing blinds smarter

If you’re not interested in replacing your good old blinds with smart blinds, here’s how you can make your existing blinds smart!

Smart blinds can be expensive, which makes people see them as an unnecessary purchase, but there are DIY automation kits that can help you turn your otherwise regular blinds into smart ones, without the hassle of going in and getting rid of completely new ones. can help you. Of those that already fit perfectly.

Kits can vary as they also come at different prices, different operating systems and different functionalities. Some kits may be based on a pulley or motor system, while some do not allow voice control features through voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home – which are now quite common in smart devices.

To set up an automation kit to make your blinds smart, you just need to install a motor that will provide you with all the functions in most cases. If not, some kits come with individual parts that can be easily configured and installed.

Smart camera

Smart cameras are one of the top security smart home devices. These are more efficient than traditional security cameras and have additional functionality to keep the user in the loop 24/7, no matter where they are. This makes them more reliable than standard surveillance cameras like other security systems.

Most cameras, such as the Google Nest Smart Camera, have built-in motion detectors and artificial intelligence functions. With the help of this technology, these cameras can quickly detect the difference between vehicles, animals and people and instantly alert users to anything that needs attention. The camera also takes snapshots and sends them to the user through its smartphone app.

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