Food Labeling Compliance Guidelines

Food Labeling Compliance Guidelines

Food Labeling Compliance Guidelines

Food Labeling Compliance Guidelines: The first thing we see today is the label of anything we buy, right? So, it makes it very clear that the labels should be perfectly designed and should contain all the important things required.

Choosing the right substrate is very important when it comes to printing food and beverage labels. You should choose a label that can design and print labels with utmost ease.

Now, all food products and beverage products have to have some very mandatory rules.

Here in this article, we will look at some important requirements mentioned in the label.

General labeling requirements

Here are the labeling requirements that must be included with all pre-packaged foods:

  • The label should be in English or Hindi. In addition, the label may also include various information in other languages as required.
  • The label should not contain any information about the food that is untrue, misleading. If this happens, it may adversely affect the product.
  • The data or content on the label must be visible, clear and legible to consumers.
  • The name of the food should appear with the trade name and description of the food. If more than one ingredient is present in the product then all the ingredients should be present in descending order based on weight and volume.

Nutritional data

Nutritional data or nutrition facts must be specified on the beverage label with each serving of the product. There should be some additional information such as:

  • Energy value in kcal
  • Protein, carbohydrate and fat content in grams or ml.
  • A symbol of vegetarianism or non-vegetarianism

All products that are non-vegetarian should have a circle icon filled in brown in a square. If the food contains eggs, the manufacturer must state that the product contains only eggs and add the symbol.

And, foods containing all vegetarian ingredients should be symbolized by a green filled circle in a square.

Data on Food Additives and Flavorings

Food additives and flavorings present in food products should be clearly identified and accompanied by a specific name. The added color must be mentioned on the label with the statement “Contains permitted natural colors” immediately below the list of ingredients.

Manufacturer’s full name and address

All food and beverage packages must bear the full name and address of the manufacturer. If the food is imported, the details of the importer should be mentioned.

total quantity

Food labels must include the amount of food by weight or volume. Weight of wrappers and packaging materials in total quantity should be avoided.

Food instructions

Food instructions, if any, should be mentioned so that the food can be used properly.

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