Conducting health check of maid before hiring house help

Conducting health check of maid before hiring house help

Conducting health check of maid before hiring house help

Conducting health check of maid before hiring house help: A quarter of people living in Singapore employ domestic maids, whose duties include cleaning and looking after children – according to the Ministry of Manpower (MoM). Sure, the benefits of hiring a maid are far-reaching, but it is a big decision and employees should familiarize themselves with the relevant laws and procedures. To ensure the health of your maid, there are various types of medical examinations that domestic helpers must satisfy as per government regulations. This checkup is the employer’s responsibility, so you must get the maid health checked to ensure good quality of life and best services.

Types of medical examinations

Maid Health Checkup You may wonder what kind of medical examinations a domestic helper has to go through. Here they are:

Pre-Employment Medical Examination

Before your maid starts working for you, you will need to have her examined by a registered doctor in Singapore to complete her pre-employment medical examination. The test costs about $80, along with tests for HIV, syphilis, malaria, tuberculosis, and general physical and mental health. The employer can obtain a copy of the medical report to know the result. But if the tests are not done, your maid cannot work.

Six months medical examination

Every 6 months, it is the employer’s responsibility to get his maid medically examined. Common tests are for HIV, syphilis, tuberculosis and pregnancy. You can also ask your maid to undergo dental, mental and cancer screening. All these expenses are on your shoulders. The average cost is S$60 to S$80 for 6ME per year. If your maid fails the 6ME test, her work permit is revoked.

Many clinics provide maid health checkup. And you should be careful while choosing one because the security of your home depends on it. Doctors anywhere may be a good choice for such screening for several reasons.

Booking an appointment is also a smooth ride as it is all online. All you have to do is install the Doctors Anywhere app on your device and schedule an appointment. The clinic offers you various services at different prices, some of which are – Domestic Helper (Maid) 6ME Screening, Domestic Helper (Maid) 2-Yearly Screening, and Pre-Placement Screening etc. All these tests are done in the clinic itself, so you have to go there in person.

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