8 Advanced Web Development Tools for PHP Developers in 2022

8 Advanced Web Development Tools for PHP Developers in 2022

8 Advanced Web Development Tools for PHP Developers in 2022

8 Advanced Web Development Tools for PHP Developers in 2022:- A large range of PHP development tools is preferred by developers because these tools improve programming functionality and make the development process less complicated.

Beginners in PHP development find it a bit difficult to choose the right tool according to their project needs. And if you’re one of these newcomers, here’s a checklist for you.

PHP is used by more than 81% of the websites which is counted by 8 out of 10 websites. And the availability of these well-designed tools is the main reason for this. It is important to choose to hire PHP developers who are familiar with these tools to take advantage of simple, fast, error-free, efficient, effective, and trouble-free PHP development solutions.

Here are the most advanced and selected PHP development tools that developers should use in 2022.

Zend Studio:

According to expert PHP developers, agility and speed are the keys to success. Zend Studios justifies this statement. It is one of the most preferred PHP development tools used to build the top excellent PHP websites and web applications. This tool enables developers’ productivity to quickly and efficiently debug codebases.

Zend Studio helps debug PHP code by integrating X-Ray, Zend Debugger, and XDebug. It also allows PHP developers to deploy their PHP website or web application to any server.

Key Features of Zend Studio:
  • Smart code editor
  • Advanced PHP code debugging and PHP profiling
  • Easy transfer of PHP code to PHP version 7
  • Docker support.


NetBeans is a free and popular IDE that is an integrated development environment for creating PHP websites. This tool is equipped with many advanced features like code signal, support for SVN, Git, etc.

Now, you may be a little confused as most of you may have the idea that NetBeans was previously used for Java development. The latest version of this tool is fast, lightweight, and supports many more programming languages ​​like C ++, C #, and HTML5 in addition to PHP.

Key Features of Netbeans:
  • Syntax Highlighter
  • Smart code perfection
  • Code formatting and folding
  • Support for multiple platforms.

Cloud 9:

Clouds are in demand. Cloud9 is an advanced PHP development tool based on the Cloud IDE or integrated development environment. This PHP IDE allows developers to write code, run code, and debug code in the cloud with a browser.

With Cloud9, PHP developers can start coding directly with a pre-configured work environment or workspace and take advantage of Cloud9’s features to create awesome websites and web applications. The IDE also allows for collaborative and collaborative teamwork and allows the developer to create code or projects from anywhere.

Cloud9 Highlights:
  • Concurrent language analysis
  • In-built image editor
  • Code Restructuring
  • Integrated debugger

Excellent text:

If you need to write and execute a lot of code hassle-free, then PHP web development tools like sublime text may be the right choice. Selected by the developers, it is used to edit local files or codebases.

Full of useful properties like auto-indentation, sidebars, macros, file type identification, and more, Sublime Text enables developers to use key shortcuts, symbols or words when coding. Developers can also install hundreds of different plugins and packages to easily work with the PHP codebase.

Key features of the sublime text:
  • Infiltration costs
  • Plugin API
  • Quick project swapping
  • Main command palette

NuSphere PHPED:

NuSphere PhpED is a complete PHP development solution. A widely used IDE for HTML and PHP, it includes a reliable DBG debugger, advanced code editor, and secure and fast deployment capabilities. It also comes with some refactoring capabilities that enable PHP developers to improve their coding standards.

Features of NuSphere PHPED:
  • Full integration with PHPUnit
  • Parallel debugging
  • Support for Mac, Windows, Web, and iPad.
  • PHP code reorganization
  • Support for files with multiple partitions


Codelobster can automatically use the current server settings and config files for developers easily using its built-in PHP debugger. Its autocomplete feature also helps developers write and validate code. Codelobster supports almost all PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP and more.

Key Features of Codelobuster:
  • Code validator
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Function parameter display
  • Keywords autocomplete


Eclipse is a complete PHP development tool that gives you the freedom to choose from a wide selection of PHP plugins. Writing and simplifying PHP code with this tool is very easy. Suitable for large-scale websites, this tool enables developers to customize and extend the IDE to meet all project requirements. Additionally, it supports GUI and non-GUI web applications and can work on any web server supported by PHP.

Eclipse features:
  • Syntax underscore
  • Pre-installed code template
  • Content support
  • Code navigation

PHP Storm:

PHPStorm provides live editing support for front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and allows code debugging, code refactoring, and unit testing. It also authorizes PHP developers to integrate with command-line tools, composer, database, deployment, and version control systems. PHPStorm works with various PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, Yii, and CMSs such as WordPress and Magento.

Key Features of PHPStorm:
  • Code Restructuring
  • Code completeness
  • Zero configuration debugging

All of these PHP development tools are now dominating the market and helping developers build the best-in-class web applications or websites easily, efficiently, so effortlessly, and quickly.

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